Milton Keynes Armwrestling Federation (MKAF) is a (not for profit) community organisation whose objective is to promote and provide opportunity for national, local and community level arm wrestling for people within the Milton Keynes community. We compete within the British Armwrestling Federation (BAF) structures at Professional and Novice with all of our competitive members registered members of the national organization. Our Novice Section caters for ages from 16 upwards.

We follow the BAF standards and guidelines in regard to player and coach development. We currently train and run competitions within Milton Keynes but attract members from throughout communities and towns Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.

We look to promote and value the ideals of teamwork, friendship, respect and self-discipline whilst creating a sporting environment that will benefit a person’s individual’s holistic development, while always being aware that arm wrestling is a collaborative sport. As a community club we expect our players, coaches, officials and supporters to conduct themselves in a courteous and polite manner at all times.

We look to attain financial stability through subscriptions, sponsorship and grants in order to fund venue hire, equipment, referees, governance, playing kits and to ensure our coaching team have the necessary qualifications.

All officials and coaching teams at the club are volunteers and give their time and commitment for the love of the sport, a sport that we love.


• Provide arm wrestling opportunities to everyone, regardless of gender, ability, race, religion and sexual orientation.
• Create conditions for players, coaches and officials to reach their full potential and develop as people.
• Use sport as a vehicle to instil good principles, values and disciplines in players, coaches and officials.
• Ensure all players, coaches, officials and supporters maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play.
• Further the ideals of teamwork, friendship, respect and self-discipline.
• Create a sporting environment that will benefit the individual while always being aware that the overall club also needs to develop.
• Recognise the special relationship between players, committee members and the club.
• Stress to coaches that leadership by example will always be superior to leadership by fear.
• Teach all players and coaches that giving of your best is a victory, regardless of the result, but giving less than your best is a failure, even if a win is attained.
• Promote the concept of loyalty.

We expect players and coaches to represent the club with pride, respect and sportsmanship


• Play for the fun of it.
• Play by the rules, play it tough but play it fair.
• Never argue with the referee’s decisions. Control your temper.
• Work equally hard for yourself and your club. Your club’s overall performance will be of benefit and so will your own.
• Be a good sport, applaud all good matches.
• Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Don’t interfere with, bully or take unfair advantage of any players.
• Remember that the aim of the sport is to have fun, improve your skills and feel good. Don’t be a show-off.
• Co-operate with coaches, team-mates and opponents; without them we don’t have a sport.
• Respect the facilities provided, be they home or away.
• Be on time, warmed up and stretched, ready to start the session.


• Teach your players that the rules of the game are mutual agreements which no one should evade or break.
• Where attendance allows; group players according to weight, height, skill and physical maturity.
• Avoid over-playing talented players. ‘Average’ players need and deserve equal table time.
• Remember that we play for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only part of it. Never ridicule or yell at members for making mistakes or losing a match.
• Ensure that equipment and facilities are appropriate to the age and abilities of the players.
• The scheduling and length of practice sessions and matches should take into consideration the person’s ability level and knowledge of the sport, people new to the sport will not have developed the associated physical “maturity” for extended sessions or tough match ups.
• Develop team respect for the ability of opponents, as well as for the judgement of referees and opposing coaches. Racist, insulting, dishonest or over aggressive behaviour is not acceptable.
• Follow medical advice in determining when an injured member is ready to play again.
• Remember that members need a coach they can respect. Be generous with your praise and set a good example.


  • MKAF is overseen by way of Committee, consisting of; Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.
    • Chairman – Oversees all Club activities, plans and hosts meetings, final sign off for Club expenditure over £500, auditing of Treasurer and Secretary’s records.
    • Treasurer – Ensures the Club finances are correctly managed, collects and records Members Dues, final sign off for Club expenditures up to £500.
    • Secretary – Accurately records Club and Committee meetings, creation and review of Club documentation, ensuring Members details are kept in line with GDPR requirements and any further legislation is adhered to.
  • Any Member may hold a position on the Committee.
  • Positions are held for a fixed term of 1 year; there is no limit to the total number of years a Member may hold a position for.
  • Positions are decided by way of a vote, held annually at each Club AGM.
  • To be placed on the ballot, a Member must be nominated for a position by at least two other Members.
  • Each Club Member has one vote, this can be submitted in person at the AGM, or by Proxy vote if a Member cannot be present for the AGM.
  • Votes will be counted and cross checked by all current standing Committee Members.
  • More Committee positions may be created, the creation, nomination and fulfilment can all be voted on at the time of an AGM.
  • Committee positions would be forfeited in certain extreme situations:
    • Any criminal conviction which would result a prison sentence.
    • Any criminal conviction which would result in a person being barred from company directorship
    • Misappropriation of Club funds
    • Bringing the Club in to disrepute – Determined by the remaining Committee Members – Decision can be overturned by a 60%+ majority vote of Club Members.
    • A vote of “No-Confidence” – Formal letter with at least 60% of Club Members as signatories. – In the event of a vote of “No-Confidence” an emergency Club meeting would be called to fill the vacant position.


  • Club finances are to be managed by the Club Treasurer.
  • Club monies are to be held in the nominated account. Any club monies not immediately deposited into the nominated account, must be in place within 5 days of receipt. 
  • All Club Members must pay dues, the amount may vary due to Club requirements and will be determined by the Club Treasurer.
  • Club dues are to be paid on a monthly basis. Alternative payment terms are only acceptable with agreement from the Club Treasurer.
  • Any payments to the Club Training Facility provider will be issued by the Treasurer.
  • Any raise of Club dues must be communicated in writing to all Members at least 28 days prior to the raise becoming in effect.
  • MKAF may receive monies from the sale of branded Club merchandise, profit margins must be limited to a maximum of 20%.
  • MKAF may receive monies through applications for local funding, public collections or donations, government grants or private sponsorship. All to be managed and recorded by the Club Treasurer.
  • All Club monies must be used exclusively for the benefit of MKAF and its Members, directly relating to Club activities.
  • Should there be a shortfall, or expected shortfall, in Club finances, this must be communicated at the earliest opportunity to the Club Chairman.
  • MKAF will never apply for, or accept, loans from private financial organisations, or private persons; where an interest rate will apply.
  • MKAF will occasionally chose a Charity to partner with to raise money for the Charity.
    • Charities will be nominated and agreed upon by Members.
    • Charity monies must be lodged either directly in to the nominated account of the Charity, or placed in to the Club account with specific reference that these are not Club monies; and must be transferred at the earliest opportunity, no more than 5 days from receipt.